The chutoro sushi, sweet scallop sashmi and a good sized piece of kanpachi belly were excellent.


Tan Hsueh Yun, Food Editor
Read review on The Straits Times.


One of the best new places on the scene is Singapore's Shinzo, a spartan, blonde-wood temple to all things piscine.


Using fresh uni from Hokkaido, chef Lawrence Chia blends them together with mirin, sake, egg and dash stock before steaming the mixture. The results? Silky smooth cubes of orange-tinted tofu that will glide down your throat.


It was the sushi that got me, it had a lightness of touch, ethereal. A feeling of shuteyed bliss. Umami. Next time, I’ll come and just whack the sushi.


A. Nathanael Ho, Food Blogger
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The Hotate Foie Gras ($15) was a refreshing pairing of one of my favorite seafood ever - Hokkaido Scallop with Foie Gras. Topped with strips of seaweed, salad greens and a touch of chilli oil, the hokkaido scallop came lightly seared with a slightly charred top and two slabs of oily yet oh-so-smooth gooseliver. Sinful but so good.


Averlynn Lim, Food Reviewer
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The Squid with Roe was one of our favorites of the evening with its tender but firm flesh and soft creamy thick roe. Stewed in homemade sauce, the richness was intensified and overall, very enjoyable.


Char, Food Blogger
Read review on GNineThree.


The tuna belly was lightly seared and topped with sweet miso and finely diced onions. The melted in the mouth tuna belly was clean in execution, melted in the mouth and bursting with lovely flavours.


Derrick Tan, Food Blogger
Read review on SG Food on Foot.


Equally gratifying was the Kabura Turnip, steamed to melt-in-mouth softness and bursting with umami joy in the clear yet flavorful broth. Slices of pan-fried duck meat and foie gras gave the simple root vegetable dish a luxurious touch, heightening the pleasure of this ambrosial delight.


Nicole Poi, Food Blogger
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I was amazed by the unique presentation of my Chirashi don, served in 3 separate bowls of rice. First up was chopped Tuna, followed by Snow Crab and lastly Horse Mackerel.


Alainlicious, Food Blogger
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With Chef Lawrence Chia at the helm of this culinary gem, not only are you guaranteed the freshest produce flown in from Hokkaido and Kyoto, but you can also hear a tale or two from his varied experience in the food and beverage industry.


Maureen Ow, Food Blogger
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Coming home to Singapore last year and seeing Chef Chia again is a trip down memory lane. I am happy and honoured that he still recognises me after 2 decades. What was more impressive is that he remembered what and how I liked my dishes!


Samantha Han, Food Blogger
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The fish was decadently melt-in-you-mouth soft, and a rare hush fell over our portion of the table as we savoured it.


The fish was marinated in a special soy mix, fresh and softly sharp because of all the finely chopped scallions. The sticky Japanese rice was amazing especially with the vinaigrette.


I've been here twice for lunch and each time the quality, freshness and presentation really made it seem like more than a $38 set lunch! So much so, I'm plotting to come back for dinner.


Cindy Quek, Yelp Elite Reviewer
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All the items were good and that was a pleasant surprise. It has revived my confidence in local chefs to serve decent Japanese food. I think this place warrants another visit!

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